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Bob Kilvert Collage Workshop

Penny Patrick' Kilvert Collage

Shirley Roach developed her collage techniques into this circular collage inspired by the Kilvert collage workshop.

Presented by Siobhan Cuff

Sessions Saturdays, 09h30 - 12h30

No. of students




R 200



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The word "collage" is French in origin and derived from the term "papiers colles" meaning pasted papers. Traditionally, a composite image is created through pasting together various materials, particularly a variety of papers such as wall-paper, newsprint, decorative and hand-made papers. Other media such as gouache, graphite and colour pencils are then incorporated to complete the work of art.


Bob Kilvert collage

Collage by Bob Kilvert

This collage workshop derives its inspiration from the work of Bob Kilvert, an accomplished British artist who has developed collage for producing portraits, life studies, still life and landscape. The collages are constructed entirely of magazine print without the added line and colour characteristically used by the Cubist artists such as Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso. Kilvert's innovative results are sometimes abstract with a sense of the surreal as we discover the fascinating elements embedded within the exquisite combinations of subtly coloured and texturerd papers.


Bob Kilvert collage

Collage by Siobhan Cuff

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Penny Patrick' Kilvert Collage

Penny Patrick' Kilvert Collage

Grethe Venter Kilvert Collage

Grethe Venter Kilvert Collage

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