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Trade stress and corporate demands for a playful and memorable creative experience!


Let Studio Collective offer you a customised art-based workshop where imagination and innate creativity can be harnessed and nurtured into expression. The focus is on using art as process to enjoy a meaningful and regenerating creative high!

  • No art expertise is required
  • Rediscover yourself and your colleagues in a safe and non-judgmental space
  • Workshops are tailor-made to suit your needs and wishes
  • A wide range of media and disciplines are on offer
  • We can offer the workshop to very large groups, depending on the nature of the workshop
  • Leave empowered with your own personal or collective artwork

We will visit you to discuss your teams’ requirements and what we have to offer. We will then contact you within four days with our personalised workshop brainstorms and suggestions.


To book a corporate workshop or for more information about us and the workshops, please contact Gillian Conry-Taylor on


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Retreat Workshops

In April 2010, an Awareness and Enrichment through Art Workshop was held in the beautiful laid-back little village of Greyton in the Cape.


Greyton Group

Participants in the Greyton workshop

The three day workshop was presented by Gillian Conry-Taylor and hosted by Nicola Vernon in her self-built cob barn on her peaceful and beautiful farm just outside the village. The workshop was attended by local and Capetonian art enthusiasts. An unplanned, but very welcome addition to the programme, was the attendance of talented local musicians who, after a delicious and health-filled dinner one of the evenings, entertained us till late into the night.


The Greyton workshop became more than an art workshop – it was a retreat from the city and the stressful pressed lives we lead. The serenity, clarity and starscaped inspiration gained in such a retreat workshop is to be highly recommended!


Should you be interested in a similar art workshop, please contact Gillian on


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greyton workshop

A student at the adult Greyton creative retreat workshop

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