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weekend workshops

Sometimes we will organise once-off weekend workshops for those who struggle to attend sessions during the week. This program will fluctuate depending on demand and availability. Please visit our Weekend Workshops page to find out more.


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Introductory puppetry workshops

As artists we manipulate our medium of choice to reveal parts of ourselves, an idea, an emotion, a story. Puppetry can be a very intimate way through which to explore the self, and create visual hooks for others to attach meaning to. Come see how puppetry can be used as a new tool to convey your ideas, as well as a wonderful outlet for your artistic expression.


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adult short art courses

Studio Collective offers designers, artists and students the opportunity to work in both traditional and non-traditional visual media. Studio Collective studios will be available during the morning and evening for Adult Short Courses. Courses are offered in Drawing, Painting and Mixed Media. In addition, Art Portfolio Critique Sessions, Concept Development and Personal Enrichment courses are on offer.


life drawing

Life drawing at a Studio Collective Drawing Marathon

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Studio Collective tailor-makes corporate workshops to suit a client’s needs and wishes. The workshops strengthen inter-personal relationships. Stress and the office are traded for a playful and memorable creative experience.


Regardless of talent or skill, our visual arts specialists harness and nurture the imagination and innate creativity of the client into expression, the client leaving enriched and empowered with a personal or collective artwork.


linda Bloklan

From an adult Art & Enrichment session,
by Linda Blokland

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Jolante Hesse

Portriat done by Jolante Hesse in the Oil Painting class

studio collective

Portrait drawing at the 2009 Drawing Marathon

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